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Bangladesh eyes 2010 rebound in manpower export…

Manpower export policy update overdue

Dhaka, Dec 30 ( policymakers hope that the country’s manpower exports will grow substantially in 2010, despite a huge fall this past year.

“Several countries have emerged from the impacts of the global recession. New labour markets are being created and we’re being asked to send workers,” overseas employment minister Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain told

“I hope the next year will be a good one for us,” the upbeat minister added.

Statistics of the overseas employment ministry show Bangladesh sent only 428,444 workers abroad from January 1 to November 18 this year, the figure being almost half the number sent in either of the previous two years.

Data from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) showed labour export in 2007 totalled 832,609 while in 2008 the number was 875,055. In 2006, the figure was 381,516.

About the downturn, the minister said: “This year’s manpower export should not be compared with 2007 and 2008 as many new workers went to Malaysia in those two years. Rather, 2006 is a comparable year.”

“We sent around five lakh workers abroad in 2009 even in a time of global recession.”

Hossain said, “The next year will be very buoyant for us. With the ease of the global recession, the Middle Eastern countries have started resuming their shut down projects.” Moreover, he pointed out, demand for huge manpower has also been created in war-ravaged Iraq and in Libya.

Manpower export in bangladesh

This year, most Bangladeshi labourers went to Dubai, while new working sectors created in several other Middle East countries are expected to attract more workers.

Meanwhile, manpower export to war-torn Iraq resumed this year after almost six years. Besides, new job sectors also opened up in Australia, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Libya, Somalia and South Africa, ministry officials say.

To further boost manpower exports, the government has also opened labour wings at its diplomatic missions at Ryad and Madina in Saudi Arabia and at Penang in Malaysia.

Initiatives have also been taken to open such wings at the country’s missions in Italy, Japan, Jordan, Sudan and Iraq, officials said. Meanwhile, the Maldives government has recently legitimated around 16,000 illegal workers on the archipelago nation, while the Greek government has legalised some 15,000 undocumented Bangladeshis working there.

T-shirts drive

Mauritius has withdrawn their previous order to send back some 6,000 Bangladeshi workers. Sadly though, Malaysia has had no change of heart on its rejection of 55,000 visas for Bangladeshi workers due to the global financial downturn.

Manpower ExportThe country, which had become a big destination for Bangladeshi workers in recent years, hosts around 686,334 Bangladeshi workers.

Of these, 404,963 went there during 2007 and 2008 alone.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh was still among the top 10 global recipients of migrant remittances in 2008, according to an UNCTAD report this year, with a total inflow of almost $ 9 billion.

And it looks to set a new record this year above $10 billion, according to the most optimistic estimates. Remittances surged to a new monthly record of over $ 1 billion in November 2009.

The total number of Bangladeshis working abroad has jumped from 600,000 in 1982 to more than 6.5 million in 2009, according to foreign ministry figures.



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